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"Floral Spectrum I" is an original artwork that explores the colour palette of flowers found in nature. Including yarrow, cornflowers, amaranth, delphiniums, cosmos, gomphrena, strawflower, and snowdrops, these flowers were home grown and sourced from a local organic flower farm (Stilleven Flower Farm). This artwork can be kept as a stand-alone piece, or used side-by-side with "Floral Spectrum II" as a set. After carefully pressing each flower, I laid them into an intricate puzzle and glued them onto cold-pressed watercolour paper. I hope this brings you as much joy to look at as it did for me to create.

Floral Spectrum I — 12x18

SKU: FFA0002
  • Frame Size: 12"x18" 

    Care instructions: For the sake of longevity, place in a location away from direct sunlight.

    Disclaimer: These are real pressed flowers and, even when perfectly preserved, the colours will de-saturate over time. 

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