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"Midnight Spring" is an original artwork that sings springtime into focus. It is comprised of daffodils, bleeding hearts, cherry blossoms, unfurling ferns and more, that were home-grown, mindfully foraged on walks, or sourced from local flower farms. After carefully pressing them, I laid these assorted botanicals into an intricate puzzle and glued them onto a deeply contrasting sheet of black watercolour paper. I hope this brings you as much joy to look at as it did for me to create.

Midnight Spring — 18x24

SKU: FFA0001
  • Frame Size: 18x24" floating glass frame

    Care instructions: For the sake of longevity, place in a location away from direct sunlight.

    Disclaimer: These are real pressed flowers and, even when perfectly preserved, the colours will de-saturate over time. 

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