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What is "The Wallflower Club"?

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Do you struggle to know how to be vulnerable with others? Do you want to learn how to be more creative on a day to day basis?

The Wallflower Club is a community for fellow creative introverts who, like me, need that extra *umph* of support to share what they’re doing or working on or going through. Online AND offline. I hope that seeing other Wallflowers be brave enough to share will inspire you.

I hope this club can be an active reminder to us all in how to cultivate a creative life — that being creative simply for the sake of personal delight, connection with others, or making meaning are valuable to create a rich life regardless of whether or not they make money. Have hobbies and for the love of Michael’s, don’t monetize them all!

Most of all, I hope this club can be your invitation (if you need one) to let yourself be seen.

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