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October Newsletter | issue 03

“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” - L.M. Montgomery Have you taken a breath outside lately? The thing I love most about October is that it invites you to notice — invites you to have a breathing spell of morning mist and coffee steam. Perhaps, like me, you are recovering from the weight of September. Maybe it takes you longer to recover than others. Maybe dark headlines cling to you like burs on your sweater and you just can’t lift the feeling. An ongoing unlearning is recognizing the ways in which softness is a strength. That it is possible to feel the horror and the sorrow and not be undone. The heartbeat of humanity is made up of people who have not succumbed to apathy. Hold tight to your sensitivity. Let it move you. Let sadness turn to outrage that this is not how things should be — not how humans should treat other humans. The aftermath of softness and a willingness to feel, is a desire to transform. This is the lifeblood of creativity. The desire for transformation – for justice, reconciliation, connection — requires oceans of imagination, imagining how things could be different and committing to living that out.

Monthly invitation Be an October for the world — be a living invitation for others to pause, to notice, to feel. Find small ways to celebrate your softness. Notice how being moved can move you to create, to transform, or participate in transformation. . A bouquet for your neighbour, a donation to a meaningful cause, a poem for a friend.

Monthly Blessing May your softness surprise you and be a balm to others May it kindle your desire for transformation May you help imagine a better world From out of the mist, Catherine

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