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July Newsletter | issue 01

Greetings dear Wallflower!

July is well under way and is a month crowned in abundance. While I’m busy picking raspberries and sweet peas, I’ve been trying to remember that my garden began way back in January as an idea. I planned, gathered infrastructure, ordered seeds, and drew up my vision. I trusted that seeds would grow and tended to my idea in small, daily ways.

I’m holding tight to this lesson for The Wallflower Club: at the moment I write this, it’s still mostly just an idea. Dreaming of and laying the foundation for this club has been a tender act of imagining an environment for me and people like me. The sensitive souls, the shade-loving plants.

What can you expect from being in this club?

The hope is to be a resource for you, to provide inspiration to create & safe-spaces to share.

It is such a privilege to be in the presence of vulnerability — to witness someone do a small brave thing and say “This is what I made” or “This is my story” or “This is important to me”.

My life has been peppered with places where I was invited to share the creative projects closest to my heart. And the warmth with which they were received helped me to grow leaps and bounds in single evenings. The interaction of baring all and still being welcome is utter humanity. My dream is to be able to cultivate these types of spaces so that other people can experience the invitation and freedom to be creatively vulnerable with other humans.

The BIG dream for this club is not only to host my own in-person sharing events/workshops, but ALSO to provide all the resources for other people to host their own clubs wherever they are at — it could be within pre-existing friend groups as a novel way to hang out, or it could be as a way to make new connections, locally.

Monthly invitation:

Share what you’ve been working on lately with someone (in person, online, or reply to this email and tell me!). Could be anything — a poem, a freshly organized closet, a flower crown, your latest hyperfixation. If it’s a big deal to you, IT’S A BIG DEAL.

(If you DO share online, please tag me — I wanna see!)

Monthly Blessing

May you be sensitive to all the ways you’ve grown

May you tend to the things that need tending

May you find a soft landing place for your dreams

With encouragement and energy,


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