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Is failure inevitable? (RIP August Newsletter)

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Dealing with my own inconsistency has been a lifelong struggle. I have never once completed a 30 day challenge. I have never stuck with a new routine everyday for 2 weeks. Inevitably, I miss a day. And missing a day typically leads to stopping entirely. I have a closet full of unfinished projects that are proof of this.

Learning about my own ADHD has been helpful to stop the toxic optimism of "I think if I *just* try harder this time..." because I know that the energy output required to make myself consistent is not sustainable. I have spent the last 2 years releasing the guilt of stopping projects or challenges — letting go of my deep rooted perfectionism. I've been trying to redirect that energy towards figuring out how to start again.

Something that is helpful is moving from time-based goals to amount-based goals. For example, 3 years ago I started a challenge I almost titled "30 day poem challenge" as a push to write more poetry (which I love). I paused then deleted the word "day". A 30 poem challenge. If I had stuck to trying to make it happen every day, I never would've written more than three poems. Moving it to amount based means that, yes, it's not completed yet. But I'm currently at 26 poems and am excited for the day I reach 30. That could be next week or next year, and that's okay.

All of this is to say that my August Newsletter shall become a September Newsletter, and that's also okay. Truly silly of me to make time-based goals, given my history.

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