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Catherine Ruth Moyer is a botanical artist, singer-songwriter, illustrator, and creative writer. A love of nature and nostalgia touch every area of her work. She founded The Wallflower Club as a way to connect with fellow creative introverts and encourage them in creating and sharing. She currently resides in British Columbia with her husband and two young kids.

She is interested in commissions, collaborations, and any other big ideas you may have.

For inquiries:

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My Story

Growing up I was an unabashed creator of things: stories, art, worlds. The earth would unfold her quiet magic in our small backyard where I made flower pies, where I turned ugly old potatoes into golden new ones, and where my Nana taught me the names of bleeding hearts and forget-me-nots, of Stellar’s jays and chickadees. Looking back, I think this is where I grew into myself. 7-years-old and taking my first steps towards defining what I liked: drawn to interests not held by my 3 older siblings, by whom I defined (and still do) so much of my existence.


Several lifetimes later—married to my best friend and mother to two sweet humans—I now spend my days in another small backyard where I am getting to know myself all over again. In many ways, I am more like my 7-year-old self than any in-between iteration of me. I am learning how to play. I am learning how to delight in what is blooming today. I am leaning towards my intuitive ways of being. After years of trying to grow in ill-suited environments, I’m unpacking that maybe there was never anything wrong with me. Maybe I’m a shade-loving plant. Maybe the full-sun scorches my leaves and it’s silly to expect myself to “just try harder” to not get burned. 


Enter: The Wallflower Club. Dreaming of and laying the foundation for this club has been a tender act of creating an environment for me and people like me. The sensitive souls, the introverts, the shade-loving plants. 


Its purpose is to provide inspiration to create & safe-spaces to share. 


My life has been peppered with pockets of safe spaces to share. These were places where I was invited to take a risk: share the creative projects closest to my heart. And the warmth with which they were received helped me to grow leaps and bounds in single evenings. The interaction of baring all and still being welcome is utter humanity. My dream is to be able to cultivate these types of spaces so that other people can experience what I've experienced: the invitation and freedom to be creatively vulnerable with other humans.


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